Podiatry Single Modules (Advancing Practice in Healthcare Framework)

A multidisciplinary framework housed in the Division of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Radiography (DPPR).

In 2019 we are launching an exciting, educationally and practice relevant postgraduate framework in the Division of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Radiography (DPPR).

Delivered online, the Framework will be attractive to individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of others locally, nationally and globally.

Students can study for single modules (as outlined here) or work towards a full degree award (see Advancing Practice in Healthcare Framework for information and options)

The Framework will be of interest to any individual working in a health-related field such a medical practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, allied health professionals, nutritionists and professionals in areas such as public health, the community and the voluntary sector. We also welcome enquiries from other interested individuals including international applicants.

The Framework offers flexibility in module choice and modes of study (part-time, full-time, work place) that are responsive to individual needs and today’s culture of work and learning.


Single modules

As part of the Framework, we offer the following podiatry modules:

  • Advanced Competencies I (20 credits): this module will enable you to attain pre agreed work place competencies and to critically evaluate the evidence base underpinning your selected area of podiatry practice.
  • Diagnostic Investigations for Current Practice (20 credits):  This module will provide you with in depth knowledge and understanding of a range of diagnostic and laboratory investigations.
  • Dissertation (60 credits): This module enables learners to develop and apply the skills of research and enquiry to produce original work which contributes to a subject, field or profession.
  • Enquiry-based Practice (20 credits): This module will provide you with an understanding of research principles, methodologies and analysis.
  • Fundamentals of Advancing Practice (20 credits): This module will provide you with critical knowledge and understanding of advanced practice.
  • Medical Imaging of the Foot and Ankle (20 credits): This module will provide learners with a critical understanding of diagnostic modalities to develop evaluative and interpretative skills of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic modalities.

We also offer the following optional modules:

  • Advanced Competencies II (20 credits)
  • Leadership for Change and Innovation (20 credits)
  • Non-medical Prescribing*(20 credits)
  • Complications (20 credits)
  • Tissue Viability (20 credits)
  • Learning Through Assessment (20 credits)
  • Facilitation of Learning (20 credits)
  • Demonstrating Impact in Practice (20 credits)
  • Community Health and Wellbeing Theory (20 credits)
  • Realistic Medicine (20 credits)

*Subject to HCPC approval

The modules listed here are correct at the time of posting (Feb 2019), but are subject to change. In the event that modules have to change, QMU will seek to use reasonable endeavours to ensure that there is no detrimental impact to students. Please check this site for any updates.



Each 20 credit module will equate with approximately 200 hours of study, which will include regular online contact and independent experiential learning.

Start date

There will be September or January start dates depending on modular choice.

Application and more information

For more information, contact admissions@qmu.ac.uk

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