Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) are two year (full time) courses.

You can move on from college to university after your HNC year, or if the college offers it, stay on for the HND.

It’s always worth checking with the university if they accept the HND you are interested in for 3rd year entry before making that decision.  Sometimes the match between curriculums is not sufficient and you may only be offered 2nd year entry, even with the HND.  Not only does this add a year to your length of study, and may mean some repetition of learning, this can impact on your funding so it’s important to think carefully when deciding if you want to stay on for HND year.

Where your HN qualification is not considered suitable for advanced entry, we may still be able to consider you for first or second year entry. It’s a good idea to check with before starting your HND as we might advise you only to do the HNC year to ensure you have the most efficient route into degree level study.

Some degrees will only have very small numbers of places available for 3rd year entry so although there may be an agreement, it does not guarantee an offer of a place.

We have formal agreements with a large number of colleges throughout Scotland however we will consider applications from students studying at any Scottish college.  We are a member of the Pathways partnership and all of our formal agreements in the South East of Scotland are included in the Pathways web-based app.  Whilst Pathways may not include your college if you are studying in the west or north of Scotland, it will give you an indication of which HND will be suitable for entry to our degrees, but if you have any questions please contact

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