Lauren is a BA (Hons) Business Management graduate and current postgraduate student at QMU.  Lauren founded an innovative, high growth health food start-up business - Fodlicious - providing the UK's first low FODMAP certified, all natural and free-from products for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and gut health.

Now, having produced a range of snacks, granola and developed the World's first low FODMAP certified natural energy drink, the business is now transitioning to scale-up phase, experiencing fast growth within the e-commerce industry. 


"The BIZ is a fantastic area to network with other entrepreneurs, and also a convenient, vibrant space to be hot-desk. This was particular helpful for me over the last 12 months, where not only was I able to work on my business from QMU within the BIZ, but it was easy for me to partake in my postgraduate studies too - attending lectures on campus in between working on Fodilicious - a unique opportunity. The team at QMU (including the onsite Business Gateway) are so friendly and helpful, and are happy to assist with any queries you have. Having Business Gateway available is so valuable, where lots of start-ups experience issues and the guidance Business Gateway can provide can be very much instant. Also, having the SCFDI on site is a fantastic resource for food and drink start-ups, where we have been able to access lots of support from the highly knowledgeable team. This allowed us to develop highly innovative products, and assist with any nutritional queries we had."


QMU has been an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey, since launching Fodilicious in 2018.  Not only is the support of the BIZ fantastic to gain access to key entrepreneurial events not only within QMU but across the wider entrepreneurial eco-system - it is an invaluable opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  


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