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Dr Schrag (BFA, MFA, PhD, FHEA) is Programme Leader of the MA Arts Festivals and Cultural Management. He is a practising artist and researcher who has worked nationally and internationally, including residencies in Iceland, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Finland, The Netherlands and South Africa, among others. He works in a participatory manner, and central to his practice is a discussion about the place of art in a social context. 

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My practice-based PhD - completed in 2016 - explored the relationship between artists, institutions and the public, looking specifically at a productive nature of conflict within institutionally supported participatory/public art projects.

I have been the recipient of numerous awards including The Hope Scot Trust, Creative Scotland, British Council, the Dewar Arts Award, the 2011 Standpoint Futures: Public residency award, as well as a Henry Moore Artist Fellowship. In 2015, I walked 2638 km from the north of Scotland to the Venice Biennale to explore the place of participatory artworks within the public realm.

The artist Nathalie De Brie once referred to his practice as 'Fearless'. The writer Marjorie Celona once said: ‘Anthony, you have a lot of ideas. Not all of them are good.’

My general research overview explores art within a social realm, and examines how ‘art’ and ‘culture’ is supported in wider institutional frameworks. I am specifically interested in exploring the relationship between artists, institutions and the public, looking at the productive nature of ‘conflict’. I use 'play' as an integral part of my methodology, along with phenomenological/physical methods.  

Other research interests include the history of participatory practices (Socially Engaged Art/Community Art/Dialogic practices, etc) as well as how this type of practice is ‘professionalised’. This includes other interdisciplinary/trans-disciplinary experiences of art in ‘non-art’ contexts, in the lineage and legacy of the Artist’s Placement Group.

Another main interest includes the roles of - and relationship between - arts and health, and exploring how art can remain critical art within that context, (rather than in service to ‘health’ criteria).

Active research interests:
Participatory Practices; Play Methodologies; Socially Engaged Arts; Cultural Policy; Arts Management.

Research methods: Practice research


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository

Selected Monographs 

  • Schrag, A. (2016) This New Ruin. Helmsdale: Timespan Publishing - ISBN: 978-0-9565610-8-
  • Schrag, A. (2016) Lure of the Lost: a contemporary pilgrimage. Huntly: Deveron Arts. - ISBN: 978-1-907115-33-
  • Schrag, A. & Mellor, A. (2016) The 404th Wall. London: Compass Publishing - ISBN: 9781907308659 
  • Schrag, A. (2014) We All Cast Shadows. Aberdeen: Aberdeen Art Gallery - ISBN: 9780900017773  
  • Schrag, A. (2011) What Use Is A Father? Huntly: Deveron Arts - ISBN 9781907115080 
  • Schrag, A. (2007) its not hard: explorations of Live Art in Scotland. Glasgow: Tramway/Culture and Sport Glasgow - ISBN: 9781899551439
  • Schrag, A (2000) Moving Pictures. Vernon: Greenboathouse Books - ISBN: 9780968535745


Selected Articles + Book chapters


  • Schrag, A. Cartiere, C. Zebracki, M. Yon, E. Hope, S. (2016) ‘Social Practice Timeline’ in Cameron C. & Martin Zebracki. (eds) Public Art Dialogue Vol 6, issue 2. Fall 2016 Special issue.
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  • Schrag, A. (2016) 'Five Acts of How: or, The Artist As Social Worker Vs Artist as Social Wanker’ in Quaresma, J. Investigação em Artes e Absurdo.  FBAUL/Universidade de Lisboa: Lisbon
  • Schrag, A. (2015) 'Benefits of Being A Bit of An Asshole’ Journal of Arts and Communities, Intellect, 6: 2&3
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  • 2105 - Benefits of being…, Journal of Arts and Communities, Intellect, 6: 2&3 (UK)

ISSN 2150-2552.  ((UK)

Santander Research Funding for internationalization of research (May 2017) - see here for further information: http://www.naim.org.il/thing/

Santander Universities Funding for International Art Project exploring participatory practices in rural contexts (June 2018) - see here for further information - https://www.humak.fi/tapahtumat/skotlantilainen-yhteisotaiteilija-kutsuu-leikkiin/

Erasmus Exchange (2018) 

I am currently also working on a small project for the KyCad/Louisville Orchestra for public release January 2019

I teach on the postgraduate MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management as well as on several Undergraduate modules regarding research, as well as lead on a new course exploring the ethical issues surrounding cultural work with others.



2019 Winner of STaR (Student Teaching and Representation) Award. Category: Most Inspirational Staff