Elisabeth Taylor is a Lecturer in the Division of Dietetics, Nutrition and Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Radiography.

After completing my BSc in Therapeutic Radiography through Queen Margaret University College in 2000 I joined the newly opened North Wales Cancer treatment Center as a basic grade (band 5) radiographer.

Research Overview

 My MSc dissertation looked at the experience of palliative patients undergoing radiotherapy and how best to assess this, the research utilized qualitative methods.

 Holistic and patient centered care are vital to providing the best service possible, but it is impossible to do so without understanding patients wants and needs. Whilst this is common in many areas it is often overlooked in the area of palliative care.  This is an area that I would love to pursue further.  Similarly, the experience and support available for family and carers and the role of supportive services is also of interest.

 As I move into education further the impact of neurodiversity on learning, especially in a clinical setting, is something that I am becoming more aware of and an area I would like to pursue in the future

Elisabeth's seminars and lectures focus on Radiotherapy Practice, Oncology and Inter-professional Education, amongst other topics.