Mammography Courses - Support for Work Place Mentors

Thank you for agreeing to be a mentor on one of the Mammography courses delivered by the Scottish Mammography Education Centre in collaboration with Queen Margaret University.

Here you will find a number of resources to help guide you through being a mentor and supporting your learner through their course of study. In addition to the general information on skills to help being a mentor, you can select a video giving a short description of the relevant course for your mentee.

For full details of the course, look at the relevant mentors handbook listed on this page.


Key contacts

Head of Education SMEC

National Mammography Training Lead

Claire Crawford

 SMEC Programme Co-ordinator

Maureen McAuley

QMU Collaborative Academic Lead Simon Holmes
Subject Librarian Jess Wilkinson


Video Guides

Course Descriptors

Postgraduate Certificate in Mammography

Roles and Responsibilities of Being a Mentor


Communication and Giving Feedback


Supporting the Failing Student


Learning and Teaching Styles

Critical Thinking