Georgia Andreopoulou is a Physiotherapy Research Fellow in the Division of Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Radiography.

I studied physiotherapy and completed my MSc in Human Movement Sciences at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Recently I defended my PhD thesis on walking impairments and especially foot drop and fatigability in people with multiple sclerosis at Queen Margaret University. I have worked clinically in private practice for three years in Greece and the past four years I have been conducting research for the completion of my PhD. Currently I am working as a research fellow on a project to investigate the effects of RaceRunning on cardiometabolic risk factors and functional mobility in young people with cerebral palsy. At the same time, I am working to evolve the research projects of my PhD for people with multiple sclerosis. I have been involved in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and have co-supervised pre-reg MSc Physiotherapy projects.

Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre Membership:


My current research activities involve 3D computerized motion analysis in people with multiple sclerosis in various stages of their disease progress. In more detail, the effect of motor fatigability in highly active people with multiple sclerosis and also the effects of functional electrical stimulation on a variety of ecological valid conditions. It is of great interest to me the robust psychometric properties of outcome measures used to assess walking performance in various populations. Further, I am interested in exploring the benefits of RaceRunning on cardiometabolic factors, mobility and participation for young people with cerebral palsy, especially after volunteering in Meadowmill RaceRunning club.

Active Research Interests:

Multiple sclerosis:

  •  Gait analysis
  •  Foot drop
  •  Functional Electrical Stimulation
  •  Fatigue and fatigability
  •  Outcome measures of walking performance

Cerebral palsy:

  • RaceRunning
  • Physical activity and exercise

Research Methods:

  • 3D gait analysis
  • Accelerometry
  • Electromyography
  • Systematic reviews

Academic Awards:

  • Santander Award to present at the 22nd Annual RIMS Conference in Barcelona, Spain (2017)
  • Rosemary Ann Price Award to present at the MS Frontiers in Bath, UK (2019)