Dr Ana Tominc (PhD) is a Lecturer in the Queen Margaret Business School.

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BA/MA Social Anthropology, Cultural Studies (Koper, Slovenia, 2006), MA Language Studies (Lancaster, UK, 2008), PhD Linguistics (Lancaster, UK, 2012)

My background is in social anthropology, cultural studies and linguistics (discourse analysis). Following an MA in Language studies by Research which I completed under the supervision of Prof Geoffrey Leech (University of Lancaster) in 2008, I was awarded an ESRC grant for a PhD project which I completed in 2012 (Supervisor Prof Ruth Wodak, University of Lancaster).

In my thesis which was an interdisciplinary study combining critical discourse analysis, cultural and food studies, I focused on the globalization of celebrity chefs’ discourse, as for example Jamie Oliver’s, and the social/discourse change their appearance caused in the countries, such as Slovenia, where my case study was situated. The study highlighted the effects of the global food media on local food discourse and the changes such interference may have had on local food practices. Additionally, based on an analysis of celebrity cookbooks, the study demonstrated how the emerging “new middle class”, that associated themselves most strongly with such lifestyle, may appropriate and localize the “global” taste while at the same time rebrand the already existing taste in terms of their own identity.

I have published both in areas of critical discourse analysis, cultural studies and food studies and I am currently writing a research monograph.

Upon joining QMU, I have become a programme co-leader for MSc Gastronomy, where I teach, although I am also involved with the university’s transnational partnerships in India (BA Culinary Arts, ITM Mumbai). I am also a member of the Centre for Communication, Cultural and Media Studies at QMU.

From 2015, I am a Book Reviews Editor for Journal of Language and Politics.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • FRIEDinburgh – Food Researchers in Edinburgh Network
  • Association for the Study of Food and Society
  • FoodKom group

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Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre membership:

My interest lies at the intersection between discourse analysis, media and cultural studies and food studies. I am interested in contemporary discourse on food in various media, and how it relates to identity, such as class and nation. I am also keen on historical topics that address representation of food diachronically, especially on television (although not exclusively).

Active research interests:

  • contemporary discourse on food; food (social) media, food rhetoric, cookbooks
  • (critical) discourse analysis
  • food and identity, social class and lifestyle, celebrity chef culture
  • culinary (national) identity and nationalism
  • food and racism/stereotypes
  • taste and social change in post Socialist Central and South-eastern Europe
  • food and television

Research Methods:

  • Qualitative methods: (Critical) discourse analysis, ethnography, interviews


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository

I teach classes on the MSc Gastronomy course.

I teach topics that relate to food, culture and communication at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I supervise undergraduate and masters students’ dissertations.

PhD supervision: Mhairi Barrett (A case study of the lived experiences of parents and carers nourishing their children in Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland)