Reducing the Burden of Severe Stigmatising Skin Diseases (REDRESS)

REDRESS: Reducing the Burden of Severe Stigmatising Skin Diseases through equitable person-centred approaches to health systems strengthening.

(September 2019 – present)

Severe Stigmatising Skin Diseases (SSSDs) are the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide. Individuals with these skin diseases find it difficult to access health care, which can lead to physical, mental, social and economic hardship.

Researchers on the REDRESS project are working in Liberia to improve the management of SSSDs. Using an approach that focusses on the individual’s needs, REDRESS will compile a base of evidence to enable the development and testing of innovative health care interventions.

Interventions will address the impact of SSSDs on patients and their families and strengthen the wider health system.

QMU role in this project

At IGHD we are supporting REDRESS by looking specifically at the financial side of health care for Severe Stigmatising Skin Diseases (SSSDs) in Liberia.

We will talk to patients and providers to hear from them what the main financial barriers are to seeking health care. We will collect and review health system data from 5 counties in Liberia to determine the current costs of SSSD treatment to the provider and patient.

Finally, we will collect data on, and analyse the costs associated with, introducing a new healthcare intervention, developed by our REDRESS colleagues.

QMU Staff on this project

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