Campus Tours and University Delivered Workshops

The Widening Participation and Outreach Team and Student Recruitment Team work closely with schools across Scotland throughout the year.

We are available to attend careers events and we can deliver a wide range of workshops and presentations at your school.

If you would like to visit the QMU campus, we can organise a tour where you can take part in interactive workshops, meet some of our current students, and see our campus facilities.

Below are some workshops we can run for different year groups. All of our workshops and presentation talks can be adapted to suit audiences of any size, demographic and age, including Parents/Carers and Teachers.

S1, S2, & S3 Workshops

Workshops for these age groups are centred around exploration. They provide good foundational knowledge and give the students confidence to look further into any of the topics covered by providing further research tools.  

  • Subject Specific Workshops: These interactive workshops offer subject insights into QMU specialisms such as: Allied Health Professions, Creative Industries and the Performing Arts, and Primary Education. We also provide interactive workshops on recognising personal skills and attributes.
  • Exploring Your Options: This interactive workshop helps to explore the many different routes that are available after school. Discussions include exploring college courses, university courses, apprenticeships and the workplace.
  • Parents/Carers’ Guide to University: This is a presentation with a Q&A session at the end. There will be a basic overview of the UCAS application process, accommodation, funding & bursaries and the SAAS application.

S4 Workshops

These workshops provide a more in-depth exploration of topics covered in the S1-S3 sessions. There are additional workshops aimed at supporting students to prepare for exams and prelims. 

  • Subject Specific Workshops: These are developed to link in with and support current topics being taught at school. University academics liaise with teaching staff to create interactive workshops to encourage autonomous learning.
  • Exploring Your Options: In this interactive session, pupils are encouraged to think about subjects they would like to take forward into 5th year. They are given guidance on the best research tools to use to gain information on the qualifications required for the jobs they are aspiring to do.
  • Learning and Revision Techniques: Ideal for pupils tackling prelims or exams. Pupils will explore different learning styles and find the one that suits them best. We will also explore revision techniques and how to identify which technique is most effective with their learning style.
  • Parents/Carers’ Guide to University: This session goes into more detail about the funding bodies and bursaries available to support students. It gives guidance on applications forms and explains what positive disclosure of information is and why it is important to give this information.

S5 & S6 Workshops

These sessions are focused on studying at university level and the different courses that are offered. Subject sessions include student experience Q&As, and more in-depth information about studying specifically at QMU. 

  • Applying to University: In this session pupils are led through the UCAS application process so they know and understand exactly what to do when the time comes.
  • Personal Statements: This session will discuss the do’s and don’ts of personal statements, formatting and the most common mistakes. We will give advice on what universities are looking for regarding content and structure.
  • Exam Preparation: This interactive workshop builds on ‘Learning and Revision Techniques’ and allows pupils to explore how they manage their time using schedules and study apps. There are also hints and tips from current students for managing exam stress and how to achieve better results.
  • Studying at QMU: This session gives a great insight into what QMU has to offer and how to make the most of studying here. It covers the many courses QMU has to offer, the modern facilities, the on-campus accommodation, Student Union societies and more.
  • Student Funding and Finance: This session is good for pupils and parents/carers as it provides up to the minute information about all the funding options available and how to apply. We also look at hints and tips on budgeting, explain any jargon and bust some money myths.

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