Stories of Covid - Digital Instructions

Please note the site is best viewed on a PC or laptop and we recommend Google Chrome as the best browser for navigating the online gallery.

  1. Visit the Stories of Covid Digital Exhibition 
  2. We recommend viewing in Full Screen mode. You can access Full Screen by clicking the 'white box in black square' icon on the left-hand side of the viewing screen.
  3. You will arrive at an image of writing on a wall. This is the Welcome Room.
  4. Your mouse acts like a cursor to move around the room and into the virtual gallery space (like a 3-D gallery).
  5. Hold down your mouse and scroll forwards and backwards, or shift your mouse left and right to move about the space.
  6. Alternatively, you can double click the green feet icon on the screen to move to a new area in the room.
  7. All items on display in the virtual gallery can be clicked on to show a larger scale visual of that item and further details about it. You can then click the window closed to return to the main gallery space.