World’s first innovative energy infusion waters for IBS sufferers

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A QMU postgraduate student has developed a range of innovative energy infusion waters which are suitable for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The new beverages are the world’s first low FODMAP natural energy drinks for people with IBS or other gut related disorders.

Lauren Leisk, who runs Fodilicious, a specialist food business which produces snacks, granola and drinks, is using Women’s Enterprise Scotland’s Crowdfunding initiative to raise £10,000 during November. The aim is to scale up her business to support the future production of the new specialist energy drinks.

Having suffered from IBS from a young age, Lauren started her business to help 1 in 4 people struggling with IBS find products suitable for their diet.  FODMAPs are trigger foods such as gluten, dairy, fruits and sugars found in lots of products that can trigger IBS symptoms.  Fodilicious provides the UK’s first low FODMAP certified, all natural snacks, granola and drinks for IBS which are also vegan, free from allergens and 100% natural.

Prototypes of the exciting new drinks range were developed with support from Queen Margaret University’s Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation, earlier this year. After successfully testing the market with their initial batch, Fodilicious is ready to up-scale production to make the innovative drinks retail ready, and is reaching out for support via rewards-based Crowdfunding.

Fodilicious founder, Lauren Leisk, said:

"I’m so excited to participate in the pilot Crowdfunding campaign with Women’s Enterprise Scotland. Not only will it increase our brand exposure and hopefully allow us to raise funds for our first scalable drinks production, but most importantly, it will raise awareness of our core business values and why we started: to help people with IBS (25% of the UK) to access tummy-friendly products and contribute to solve the public health problem of IBS which costs our NHS over £45 million annually."

 Discussing her journey with Queen Margaret University, Lauren said:

"QMU has been an amazing support throughout my entrepreneurial journey. From studying my Business Management undergraduate degree, to being part of the Business Innovation Zone, QMU has provided me with a wide support network to help me grow my business idea. I’m currently studying my MSc in Accountancy and Finance with QMU, and this fantastic course is giving me a whole new insight into my business, which is helping me strengthen our future growth plans."
Lauren Leisk, Founder of Fodilicious

To find out more about the Fodilicious Crowdfunding campaign, and to view its exclusive reward packages, visit: help Fodilicious make energy drinks gut friendly.


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