Update on Strike Action

By Press Office

Following cancellation of strike action scheduled for February, UCU plan to go ahead with their scheduled planned strike days in March along with one additional day, 15 March. Furthermore, UNISON plan to take strike action on two dates: 21 and 22 March.

This strike action is part of a national dispute about pay in universities, with pay agreed through national pay bargaining.

Dates of strike action

In summary, strike action will take place on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 15 March (UCU)
  • Thursday 16 March (UCU)
  • Friday 17 March (UCU)
  • Monday 20 March (UCU)
  • Tuesday 21 March (UCU and UNISON)
  • Wednesday 22 March (UCU and UNISON)

Advice to students

Likely impact of UCU strike action: It is likely that UCU strike action will mean that some classes will be cancelled and coursework affected. However, we are asking students to attend classes and engage with course material (whether on campus or online) unless advised otherwise. We will endeavour to tell students via email or the Hub if any of their classes are cancelled but this might not always be possible as trade union members do not have to tell the University in advance if they are taking strike action.

Likely impact of UNISON strike action: we expect that the UNISON strike may affect delivery of some campus services both during the day and during the night. Access to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in the evening and during the night is likely to be reduced.

We will endeavour to tell you of any impact on services but this will not always be possible as trade union members do not have to tell the University in advance if they are taking strike action. We will do everything we can to minimise disruption. The strike action by UNISON is unlikely to affect the delivery of learning and teaching in any way.

More general information

It is our strong view that students should not be penalised because of this national dispute, and we will do all we can to minimise disruption.

We know that union members, along with all staff members, genuinely care about the academic welfare of students, and some may have already told students about their plans.

During the period of the action, everyone will be able to enter and leave the campus freely, and events on campus will run as planned unless you are advised otherwise.

Please be assured that the University’s leadership team continues to be committed to ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for all staff, and to continuing our positive work with colleagues in UCU, EIS and UNISON trade unions, to make further improvements.

Further information for both staff and students regarding arrangements