A short course at university could give you a new zest for life in 2023

By Press Office

Thinking about changing direction or trying out something new in the new year? Perhaps you are considering dipping your toe back into education but are hesitant to return to full-time learning. Queen Margaret University is offering a range of short courses covering all kinds of subjects from Outdoor Learning to Sustainable and Safe Event Management, or even Introduction to Film Education. 

Short courses at QMU offer you a fantastic opportunity to begin re-skilling, so you’re better equipped to enter your preferred industry. They can help expand your skills for use in your current job, or they might even fuel your passion for something completely different.  With the flexibility to learn valuable skills and acquire new knowledge without having to commit to a full-time course, QMU’s range of short courses provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone thinking of returning to education. 

Most of our short courses take place over one three-week semester, with some as long as eight weeks and others as short as just four days. Learning takes place through a range of different teaching styles - some exclusively online and others exclusively in-person. However, most will combine both online and on-campus learning with a mix of face-to-face workshops, online seminars and drop-in sessions to help support you throughout your module. 

While some courses are full-time, we have designed others to take place just one day a week, helping you manage your other work, family or caring commitments while still investing in yourself and developing crucial skills for the future. 

With expertise in healthcare, sustainable business, creative industries, social sciences and teacher education, Queen Margaret University offers a fascinating range of topics to choose from. We are particularly excited about our Introduction to Film Education short course, supported by Screen Scotland. Students on this module will learn how better to use film in the classroom, the role it plays in education and how it can be embedded in Scotland’s curriculum for excellence.  

"“We were delighted that the first outing of this course went so well, with such a rich mix of teachers, professionals from independent cinemas and film access organisations, and freelance film education practitioners. Curriculum for Excellence includes film as part of literacy, but there are few significant opportunities to develop the professional practice of film education, or to qualify and specialise in it. This module is making a key contribution to the development and recognition of film teaching in Scotland, along with QMU’s forthcoming new module in filmmaking.""
Scott Donaldson, Head of Film at Screen Scotland

Queen Margaret University’s Short Courses start at the beginning of 2023. We have announced the start dates for courses in January, February and March of next year, with more short courses planned for announcement in the coming months. 

Fees start at £800 but free places and funding options are available for applicants who meet the relevant entry criteria. For more details, check the individual course page that you are interested in. You can get more details on the selection of short courses on offer at Queen Margaret University by checking out our website at QMU’s Short Courses. 

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