Interview with MBA Family and Smaller Enterprises student, Simon Sohm

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Simon Sohm, 23, from Lustenau in Austria, is studying MBA Family and Smaller Enterprises full-time at QMU.

Before arriving at QMU, Simon completed an undergraduate degree in business management at University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, Austria. After spending his fifth and second last semester in Sydney, Australia, Simon was convinced he wanted to undertake his postgraduate studies in a different country abroad.

Simon was looking for specific courses that focused on family businesses and found the MBA Family and Smaller Enterprises at QMU. Edinburgh seemed like the perfect place to live and study for Simon, not only because of the course, but also because of the beautiful city of Edinburgh and his passion for golf.

Why did you choose to study MBA Family and Smaller Enterprises at QMU?

“My main expectations of this course were to acquire a more detailed understanding of family business innovation, governance and succession planning, as I’m keen on joining my family’s 78-year-old family business, a label printing company, in Austria in the future.

“I was also hoping that the course would give me more in-depth knowledge in the areas of project management, strategic management, finance and human resource management, as well as the opportunity to further improve my presentation and negotiation skills.”

How did you find the workload on this course?

“The workload in the last year and a half has been intense but it’s achievable if you’re interested in business and stay disciplined.

“Due to the reason that there is only a small number of postgraduate students, the support of lecturers is great. Furthermore we are having many open discussions which help us developing our critical thinking abilities.”

How do you think the course is equipping you with the skills/knowledge to development your career?

“Acquiring crucial knowledge about different areas of business as well as developing skills in critical thinking and personal reflective practice supported me in my personal development and I’m confident that continuingly working on these skills will eventually help not only me, but every graduate of this course to reach each one’s career goals.”

 What top tips would you give prospective postgraduate students based on your own personal experience?

 “This year is not just about getting good grades and eventually graduating with an MBA. If you engage, work on your reflective practice and think of key areas of business management that inspire you, this year will be more than that - it will help you to develop your personality and further explore your passions.“

What are your plans after graduating from QMU?

“I have different career options in mind after graduating from QMU, including joining my family’s business in Austria. At the moment I am evaluating those options and will make a clear decision in January 2018. Besides working I want to further develop my innovative mindset and creativity as I am convinced that being innovative is getting even more crucial for the long-term viability of a firm.”

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