Type and fonts

Types and fonts

The logotype format should never be modified. Always use the artwork supplied. If you have a specific requirement which cannot be met by any of the supplied artwork, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office. 

Helvetica Neue

In corporate publications, Helvetica Neue is the chosen font for most publication body text due to its range of available weights. 

the alphabet written in Helvetica Neue font, shown in different variations of bold



Where Helvetica Neue is unavailable, please use the Arial font. In addition Arial should be used for office correspondence such as letters, memos and policy documents. Please do not modify the font in any way - please select from the type family shown opposite.

the alphabet written in Arial font and shown in bold, regular, italic & bold italic

Gill Sans

The Gill Sans font has been chosen for use as body text in publications associated with certain official occasions such as Graduation programmes. 

the alphabet written in Gill Sans font and shown in different variants of bold & italic


The Perpetua font features in our logo and is used in some corporate printed items, at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications team, selecting from the type family shown opposite. 

the alphabet written in Perpetua font and shown in different variants of bold & italic

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