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Logos are supplied for print and digital usage.

For print, please use the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. These are vector-based files and will give the best results at a large scale.

For digital  use, please use the PNG format. These are Pixel-based files. They also have a transparent background.

For guidance on usage of the logo, see QMU Brand Guidelines (Logo)

Linear Logotype

EPS Linear Logo ( QMU Linear Logo EPS Zip )
PNG Linear Logo ( QMU Linear Logo PNG Zip )

Linear Compact Logotype

EPS Compact Logo ( QMU Compact Logo EPS Zip )
PNG Compact Logo ( QMU Compact Logo PNG Zip )

Stacked Logotype

EPS Stacked Logo ( QMU Stacked Logo EPS Zip )
PNG Stacked Logo ( QMU Stacked Logo PNG Zip )



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Marketing and Communications Office

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