QMU Enterprises Ltd Model Publication Scheme

Guide to Information Available Through the Model Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (the Act) requires Scottish public authorities to produce and maintain a publication scheme. Authorities are under a legal obligation to:

  • publish the classes of information that they make routinely available
  • tell the public how to access the information and what it might cost.

QMU Enterprises Ltd adopted the Model Publication Scheme in 2015, as produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

You can get more information about this scheme on the Commissioner’s website at or by contacting us at the address below.

The purpose of this Guide to Information is to:

  • allow you to see what information is available (and what is not available) in relation to each class,
  • state what charges may be applied
  • explain how you can find the information easily
  • provide contact details for enquiries and to get help with accessing the information
  • explain how to request information we hold that has not been published

Availability and formats

The information we publish through the model scheme is, wherever possible, available on our website. We offer alternative arrangements for people who do not want to, or cannot, access the information online or by inspection at our premises. For example, we can usually arrange to send information to you in paper copy (although there may be a charge for this).

Exempt information

We will publish the information we hold that falls within the classes of information below. If a document contains information that is exempt under Scotland’s freedom of information laws (for example sensitive personal information or a trade secret), we may remove or redact the information before publication but we will explain why.


Information obtained from this publication scheme cannot be copied or reproduced without formal permission. Such permission will usually be granted provided it is copied or reproduced accurately, is not used in a misleading context and provided that the source of the material is identified and the copyright status acknowledged.

The publication scheme may, however, contain information where the copyright holder is not Queen Margaret University. In most cases the copyright holder will be obvious from the documents. In cases where the copyright is unclear, however, it is the responsibility of the person accessing the information to locate and seek the permission of the copyright holder before reproducing the material or in any other way breaching the rights of the copyright holder. Wherever possible, this scheme will indicate where we do not own the copyright on documents within Section 12 – Classes of Information.

Information about Crown copyright material is available on the Queen’s Printer for Scotland section of the Government website


This section explains when we may make a charge for our publications and how any charge will be calculated.

There is no charge to view information on our website or at our premises.

We may charge for providing information to you e.g., photocopying and postage, but we will charge you no more than it actually costs us to do so. We will always tell you what the cost is before providing the information to you.

Our photocopying charge per sheet of paper is shown in the table below:

Black and white photocopying

  • Size of paper: A4
  • Pence per sheet of paper: 10 pence

Colour photocopying

  • Size of paper: A4
  • Pence per sheet of paper: 30 pence

Information provided on CD-Rom will be charged at £5.00 per computer disc.

We will recharge any postage costs at the rate we paid to send the information to you.

When providing copies of pre-printed publications, we will charge no more than the cost per copy of the total print run.

We do not pass on any other costs to you in relation to our published information.

Please note that this charging schedule does not apply to our commercial publications (see Class 8 below). These items are offered for sale through retail outlets such as book shops, academic journal websites or museum shops and their price reflects a ‘market value’ which may include the cost of production.

Contact us

You can contact us for assistance with any aspect of this publication scheme:


Queen Margaret University


EH21 6UU

Email: foi@qmu.ac.uk

Tel: 0131 474 0000

We will also be pleased to advise you how to ask for information that we do not publish or how to complain if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of this publication scheme.

The classes of information that we publish

We publish information that we hold within the following classes. Once information is published under a class we will continue to make it available for the current and previous two financial years.

Where information has been updated or superseded, only the current version will be available. If you would like to see previous versions, you are welcome to make a request to us for that information.

Class 1: About QMU Enterprises Ltd

Class description

Information about QMU Enterprises Ltd, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

The information we publish under this class

  • General information in the Authority including name, address and contact details for headquarters
  • Organisational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Publication Scheme and Guide to information with charging schedule
  • Contact details and advice about how to request information from the authority
  • Legal framework including articles of association
  • Description of governance structure
  • Accountability relationships including reports to regulators
  • Internal and external audit arrangements

How to access it

All information in this class may be obtained in hard copy or electronically on request. Alternatively please refer to Companies House.


Class 2: How QMU Enterprises Ltd Delivers Our Functions and Services

Class description:

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our service users.

No information in this class is held.

Class 3: How QMU Enterprises Ltd Takes Decisions and What It Has Decided

Class description:

Information about the decisions we take, how we make decisions and how we involve others.

The information we publish under this class

Minutes of Board meetings for the last three years.

How to access it

All information in this class may be obtained in hard copy or electronically on request.

Please note that Minutes will be available four weeks after they have been approved.


Class 4: What QMU Enterprises Ltd Spends and How It Spends It

Class description:

Information about our strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how we plan to spend public money and what has actually been spent.

The information we publish under this class

Financial Statements including annual accounts available for the last 6 years.

How to access it

All information in this class may be obtained in hard copy or electronically on request. Alternatively please refer to Companies House.

Please note that accounts for the year to 31 July are available after approval by the Board of Directors (around January following the year end).


Class 5: How QMU Enterprises Ltd Manages Its Human, Physical and Information Resources

Class description:

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources at QMU Enterprises Ltd.

No information in this class is held.

Class 6: How QMU Enterprises Ltd Procures Goods and Services From External Providers

Class description:

Information about how we procure goods and services, and our contracts with external providers.

No information in this class is held.

Class 7: How QMU Enterprises Ltd is Performing

Class description:

Information about how QMU Enterprises Ltd performs as an organisation, and how well it delivers its functions and services.

No information in this class is held.

Class 8: Our Commercial Publications

Class description:

Information packaged and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal.

No information in this class is held.