QMU Your Development @ Home

We are very pleased to bring you our e-learning and online delivery YourDevelopment@Home brochure.

YourDevelopment@Home has been created in light of the current situation regarding Covid-19 and in response to the postponement of our current provision of face to face training delivery. We are working with our training partners to deliver our key training online and therefore this brochure will be updated on a regular basis when more training opportunities become available.

AtQMU,personal,professionalandleadershipdevelopmentareallintegralpartsofwhoweareasaUniversityandasindividuals. We are committed to providing you with training and development opportunities which are relevant, varied and expertly delivered. The following brochure outlines the e-learning training and development opportunities which are currently on offer. The information you provide via the Performance Enhancement Review (PER) process is used to identify the training and development opportunities included in the calendar, where specific individual or team requirements have been identified HR partners will be working with line managers to take these forward.

The University offers many more opportunities for development in addition to these e-learning and online options however this provision is currently on hold at the moment. However the wider YourDevelopment calendar will be updated once we return to the University Campus. We encourage you to have ongoing discussions with your line manager about your own development plans.

We welcome feedback on the selection of training and development offered in this brochure and please do let us know if you have any suggestions for future training and development, email us at develop@qmu.ac.uk

We wish you every success on your development journey.

Human Resources

April 2020

E-Learning Resources

All members of staff have access to QMU's e-learning platform where you can access a range of courses some of which are essential.

Please see further details below:

New Staff

A number of e-learning courses are mandatory for new staff members to complete within their probation period, these courses are as follows:

  • Data Protection (including GDPR)
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Bribery Act
  • Unconscious Bias

All Staff

The Data Protection (including GDPR) e-learning course requires annual completion by all staff. To ensure that staff are completing this training on an annual basis, our system provider will be launching a reminder email service to prompt users to re-enrol and complete the course every 12 months.

Recruitment Panellists

It is essential that all members of staff who are involved in recruitment and selection panels undertake the unconscious bias training prior to participating on the panels.

REF 2021 Panel Members

It is essential that all members of staff who are involved in REF 2021 decision making panels undertake the REF 2021 equality and diversity training.

Recommended Training

In addition to the above a number of other courses are available on the e-learning platform as set out and it is recommended that all staff complete:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Safeguarding
  • Customer Service
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Bribery Act
  • REF 2021 Equality and Diversity (For REF Eligible staff)

Accessing the e-learning Platform

How to log in

Logging into eLearning is simple. You can access the e-learning platform at the link below and this uses single sign on so this should automatically open for you. Further guidance notes on how to access and navigate e-Learning here

Click here to access eLearning

Further recommended e-learning

Finance e-learning

In addition to the courses on our e-learning platform, we also offer access to a range of Finance e-learning through BUFDG (British Universities Finance Directors Group). Some of the courses on offer are: Finance for non-finance managers and Introducing VAT in HE. To sign up and register for these courses, please contact Ian Robertson, Head of Finance.

We hope that you find the range of course available to you useful, if you have any feedback or suggestions please email us at QMU Develop Email Address

Higher Education/University: Stage 1, Frontline Resolution Course

Please see the link below, which provides access to 7 e-learning modules regarding frontline student complaint resolution - Scottish Public Service Ombudsman

ACAS e-learning modules

ACAS offer e-learning modules which are aimed at both employees and employers and cover a wide range of employment issues.

Topics include:

  • contracts, hours and pay
  • dealing with workplace problems
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • health and wellbeing
  • leave and time off
  • managing people and performance

The modules are a mix of theory and case studies. You can assess your learning through interactive questions and tests.

To access these courses please – click here these can be accessed by anyone, learners will need to log in and will be emailed a certificate once the module is completed.

If you should have any questions or queries regarding QMU’s HR policies and procedures following completion of these courses then please do not hesitate to contact your HR Partner

Online Delivery

Working from Home Successfully – Positive People - Online Delivery

Working Successfully From Home’ training session delivered online via Zoom by our training partners Positive People, the session is delivered by David Longstaff who has delivered the Ease the Load session to staff in the past. A summary of the session content is outlined below, the session will be most useful to those that are unfamiliar with working from home.


To sign up for a session please go to the following link, enter your details and add PREPAIDQMU in the coupon code box. There are a number of dates available and more will be added. Please access Zoom via your browser rather than through the Horizon desktop in order for voice and video to work.

  • The value of daily routines
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Juggling work and children
  • Focusing on priorities
  • Getting exercise
  • Knowing when to stop work
  • Overcoming guilt

Improve Productivity – Positive People _ Online Delivery

Busy professionals comment that their ever increasing workload, in a world of unprecedented change, is having a significant effect on their job satisfaction and their ability to deliver the required results.

This course is not traditional time management and has been developed to address recurring themes:

  • Teams are doing even more with less
  • Managers spend their day swamped in email
  • Work encroaches on personal life
  • To-do lists feel depressing
  • Few get their inboxes back to empty
  • Many use organisational tools (diaries/Outlook, etc.) but feel they could be set up more effectively.

Applying this approach helps you to enjoy, and not just cope with, your busy schedule, leaving you on top of your work, not buried by it. Productivity without the stress.

To sign up for a session please go to the following Link, enter your details and add PREPAIDQMU in the coupon code box.

Mindfulness drop-in sessions – starting Wednesday 1 . April 2020 @ 1pm (Evening classes are also available)

Weekly online mindfulness meditation drop-in sessions are being organised by Student Services for staff and students. Anyone interested in finding out about mindfulness is welcome to come along and participate. The sessions are especially suitable for people who have already attended the eight week Foundation course in Mindfulness and Contemplative Education course offered at the university or similar courses and are keen to further develop their practice.

The aim is to allow everyone the opportunity to step out of their busy schedule in the middle of the week to find some personal space and allowing us to contribute to the culture of care, health and well-being at the university during the challenging times ahead as well as allowing people to connect with others across the university. The weekly session will take place once a week, Wednesday lunch time, will start at 1 pm and last under one hour.

Each session will be structured according to a mindfulness theme and will include some reading or poem, a guided mindfulness practice and the opportunity to participate in a group discussion afterwards. A number of interesting guest speakers have also kindly agreed to join some of the sessions so we will have a varied and interesting programme.

We will be using Zoom and after registering, you will be invited by email and sent a link to join the session. If you are a staff member please book onto a session via Employee Self Service, students can register by emailing QMU Develop Email Address