QMU Mentor BSc (Hons) Nursing students

THANK YOU for agreeing to mentor QMU BSc (Hons) Nursing students

The BSc (Hons) Nursing Programme has recently been re-structured, and we have made some changes to the pattern of learning and assessment of the student in clinical placement. These are detailed in the 'Professional Practice Portfolio' (PPP) which the student will bring with them when they arrive: detailed information relevant to your role as a mentor is contained in Sections 1 and 3 of the portfolio.



The portfolio also contains forms which you, as the student’s mentor, are asked to complete. All these forms can be found in Section 4 of the PPP called the 'Ongoing record of achievement' (ORA).

The following information is aimed at providing a brief summary (which we hope will be useful to you) of your contribution to the documentation, learning experience and assessment of the student whilst they are with you in clinical placement.

  • Your student will expect to work with you or another designated mentor for 40% of the shifts which comprise the placement.
  • They should receive an induction and orientation to the placement from you within 48 hours of arrival in your ward/unit/HC (a form with details is provided, please can you sign to indicate that the student has received an induction).
  • Please can you provide a specimen signature for our records.
  • students should discuss their 'Personal Development Plan' with you and you may identify opportunities for achieving their NMC proficiencies.
  • You are asked to complete a 'Mid Way Assessment' (Assessment Form A) by Monday 29th November 2010.
  • You should complete a FINAL Assessment (Assessment Form B) (a detailed assessment of the proficiencies students are expected to achieve). They must achieve ALL the proficiencies in Form B in order to pass placement. Your student is expected to take an active role in providing evidence that they have achieved these proficiencies, in discussion with you.
  • Students will have clinical tutorials in QMU every fortnight, this is counted as clinical time.
  • Assessment Form C asks you to pass/fail the student and provide an overall summary of your assessment of their performance. (This gives you an opportunity to emphasise positive aspects of their performance).
  • Students will electronically scan all these records into their e-portfolio and can reproduce them for mentors (when asked) in future placements so that mentors can have a basis from which they can facilitate their student’s clinical learning, development and clinical performance.
  • In the student’s final placement, the sign off mentor should therefore have a clear record of the student’s progress and performance throughout the 4 year’s of the programme, which should aid their judgement and decision making.