How to Obtain Your Immunisation History

If you wish to request an immunisation history report for the vaccines and blood tests you have had from NHS Lothian Occupational Health, this can be done either by:

  • written request to Occupational Health, Morelands Pavilion, Astley Ainslie Hospital, 133 Grange Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 2HB
  • e-mail from the safe grid network for example NHS Lothian or NHS.NET accounts. Email your request to

Should you wish to send your request from a private email address please be aware that this must be your decision and therefore you take responsibility for any data security concerns that arise from this.

With your request you must supply your name, current postal address and date of birth.  If you might have been registered under a different name, please included that information too. Occupational Health will endeavour to action your request and post out to your home address within 28 days. 

If you have an NHS email address and would like the report to be emailed to you please detail this clearly in your request and supply that email address. These reports cannot be emailed to non NHS email addresses.If a report has previously been provided, then a further copy will incur a charge (currently £10).