Transcripts and Document Request For Former Students

Graduates and ex-students of the institution may require documentation regarding their study. We are able to provide standard documentation and the process and fees are detailed below.

To request any of the following documents or packages please complete and return the Document Request Form.

Document Request Form

Document Description Fee
Confirmation of Award Letter A letter confirming the award achieved and date of conferral (available for QMC/QMUC/QMU awards dating back to 1977) £15
Duplicate Academic Transcript The Academic Transcript providing information on modules codes and names undertaken, grades achieved, credit value of modules and the Board of Examiner's decision. Available from 1990 onwards. Please note that transcripts pre 1997 will not show credit value. £20
Certified Copy of Degree Certificate A photocopy of the original Certificate stamped, signed and dated by Registry. Enquirer must provide the original Certificate to be copied. £10
Replacement Degree Certificate A reproduction of the original Certificate of Award. Only to be provided if the original is lost or damaged. Available for awards dating back to 1994. A copy of a current passport / drivers license photocard must be provided. £25
Course Document A document detailing the course content. £50

Additional Copies

Additional copies of any of the above documents, excluding a Replacement Degree Certificate, can be requested for £2 per additional copy.

Postage for the above documents

Postage Type Fee
Royal Mail standard Free
Email Free
UK Recorded Delivery £4.50
International Recorded £8.50
Courier £15

Some external bodies may require particular packages of documents and forms to be completed for professional registration and degree recognition. We have outlined below the document packages we provide. Postage is included in the fee for these packages.

Type of Package Contents Fee
Registration with CORU multi-health profession regulator, Ireland
  • Cover Letter containing any accessible placement hours
  • Completed CORU form including description of modules studied
  • Course Document detailing course content
  • Duplicate Academic Transcript
  • Includes courier postage
Registration with FCCPT (Foreign Credentialing  Commission on Physical Therapy), USA
  • Cover Letter
  • Letter detailing clinical hours
  • Stamped and signed FCCPT form
  • Course Document detailing course content
  • Duplicate Academic Transcript
  • Includes courier postage
Registration with CAPR (Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators), Canada
  • Cover Letter
  • Letter detailing placement hours
  • Stamped and signed CAPR form
  • Duplicate Academic Transcript
  • Includes courier postage
  • Certified copy of degree certificate (provided separately once award has been ratified by Senate in December. Please visit our graduation page for information on requesting your original degree certificate)
Recognition by WES (World Education Service), Canada or USA
  • Duplicate Academic Transcript
  • Electronic submission of transcript to WES (please send us your WES reference number)

To request any of the documents or packages above please complete and return Document Request Form.

Please ensure that you have requested all relevant documentation at the point of submitting your Form, further requests may incur an additional administration fee and delay the availability of your documents. If you are unsure please contact the Accreditation Board you are applying to, for clarification.

Please note that transcript, confirmation of award letter, certified copy and replacement degree requests may take up to four weeks to complete depending upon the time of year. Please note that Registration and Accreditation requests may take up to twelve weeks to complete depending upon the time of year.

If you have any queries regarding document requests please contact

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For more information on submissions, absences, extenuating circumstances, placement administration or module selection contact: Academic Administration.

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