Matriculation FAQs

What is my Username?

Your username is your Student Number. You can find this number on your offer email or on the email sent to you regarding matriculation.

I don't have a password, how can I log on?

If you are a new student you can retrieve a new password by clicking on this link and entering some personal details. This will generate a password for you which will then allow you to log on to the Student Portal and complete the matriculation process.

I'm having difficulty retrieving a password, what should I do?

If you are having difficulty retrieving a password, this may be because:

  • The system does not recognise your details:

If you have entered your details and the system does not recognise them it may be that we are not quite ready for you to complete the process yet. Please ensure that you have been prompted to matriculate before attempting to complete the process.

If you have been prompted to complete the process but you are still unable to retrieve a password, please email 

  • You have tried to enter your password but you get a message stating that you do not have an IT account:

Please note that it can take a few hours for your IT account to be created so if you have only recently been prompted to matriculate, please try again later and you should then be able to retrieve a password and complete the process. If you are still unable to retrieve a password, please email 

  • The system won’t accept your password:

If you have been able to retrieve a password but the system is not accepting it, please check that you are entering it correctly. Our password system is case sensitive so you will need to enter it exactly as it appears on the screen. If you are entering it correctly but the system will not accept it, please try to retrieve another password. If that still does not work, please email The staff in our Library will be happy to offer further advice.

I am a continuing student but cannot reset my password

If you are unable to reset your password, please get in touch with The Helpdesk (

I have attempted matriculation but my fees are not showing on the 'Summary of Fees Due and Sponsorship' screen. Should I still proceed?

If you are studying part time then you will need to select your modules before we can generate an invoice for you. You should however still proceed with matriculation and we can then generate your invoice once your modules have been selected.

Please refer to our Fees and Charges pages for more information on module fees.

More information on Module Registration.

I have attempted matriculation but my funding / student loan has not yet been confirmed, can I still proceed?

Yes you can still proceed with matriculation if your funding or loan has not yet been confirmed. You should however be aware that if for any reason, you do not receive your funding or a loan to cover your tuition fees, then by completing matriculation, you are agreeing with our terms and conditions and you will therefore be liable for the appropriate tuition fees.

I have tried to matriculate but my Fee Status is incorrect.

Please do not proceed with matriculation if you have a query about your fee status. Instead, please email our Admissions Team 

I do not have confirmation of my term time address yet, what should I enter on that screen?

If you don't yet have the details of your term time address, please enter the details of your home address. You can then change this at a later date once you have matriculated by using the Student Portal.

My course details are incorrect, who should I contact?

If your course details are incorrect, please select the Information Incorrect option. This will take you to a screen where you can email Registry. We can then check your details and will respond to the personal email address that you have provided us with. You will not be able to complete matriculation until your details have been checked by Registry.

I would like to speak with someone about matriculation, who should I contact?

If you have a question which cannot be answered on this page, please email and we will be able to discuss this further with you. You may also find the answer to your query on our Fee FAQs page.