Module Registration

Undergraduate Students

Some students are given the chance to pick one or more of the modules they take. These modules are known as options. For those of you who have the choice of an option(s) this year, these can be picked via the Student Portal.

View guide on how to complete the process.

Please note you will only be able to choose an option if your programme allows for this. Many programmes/levels are made up of core modules, ones that have to be taken, so in these cases there are no choices. If you don’t have the facility to choose options via the Student Portal, this will mean you are on a programme/level that is made up of core modules.


Full Time/Part Time Postgraduate Students

If you are required to select optional modules as part of your programme of study you will be contacted by the Academic Administration and asked to complete a module choice form confirming the modules you wish to study.

If you need any further assistance please email Academic Administration and we will get back to you as soon as possible.