Student Funding and Loans


If you have access to funding (from another organisation, employer, etc.), you must email the details to You can also inform us of your sponsor details during the matriculation process.


If you are personally liable for the payment of any part of your fees, you can make arrangements to pay by direct debit instalments. Direct debits run for 8 months from October through to May, inclusive, and returning students must renew their direct debit details via the Finance Office. Courses starting in the Second Semester can pay by direct debit January to August. You can also set-up a direct debit through the student portal once you have matriculated online.

If paying direct to our bank account (please email for details).

Please ensure your bank deducts all costs of the transfer from your bank account thus ensuring we receive the complete sum required. Please make sure also that you use your student number as a reference, followed by your name.


Please ensure that you have matriculated well in advance of your first day of term in order for your first payment to be made

All bursary/student loan payments will be made through the BACS transfer process. Once you have matriculated will we inform the Student Loans Company that you are a registered student for session 2022/23. This will be done automatically.

The Student Loans Company will then arrange for your bursary/student loan payment to be transferred directly into your bank account within 3-5 working days of receipt of attendance notification or the first day of term, whichever is the later.

For Scottish students who have applied to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, student loans and bursaries will be paid on a monthly basis with an additional first payment being made at the start of their course.

If your bank details change, it is imperative that you immediately inform both:

  • Student Loans Company; and
  • SAAS

If you do not do this your payments could be interrupted.

More details of the monthly payment scheme can be found on the Students Awards Agency Scotland website.