Document Checking

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In order to receive your student card you must present the following items to the International Office at Induction (location tbc)

Visa Students

Students with Student Visa: Students on a Student Visa must show the data page of their passport and the vignette showing initial entry to the UK. If you have not received a UK entry stamp, please retain evidence of your UK date of entry. Student visa holders will also be required to go to a pre indicated Post Office to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within ten days of arrival in the UK. Although students will be able to matriculate without showing the University their BRP, they will be required to present the BRP to the International Office by Friday 3rd February 2023. If you need more time to show your BRP you must email to explain the situation and request a deadline extension.

If you have received an eVisa rather than a BRP, please request a proof of settlement status on the government website, and select the option “other” purposes. Please email your visa status to You will still be required to present your passport data page to the International Office in person.

Students with Dual Nationality

Students with Dual Nationality: Students with dual nationality, where one or both nationalities are outside of the UK, must show the data page of their passport, and if relevant, the visa/immigration documents showing permission to studying in the UK.