An overview of the core requirements are detailed below.  All programme specific regulatory pre-placement requirements must be in place before you will be allowed to undertake any placement activities as a student of QMU.

Students will be able to discuss any issues or queries with the pre-placement support team during their first few weeks at Queen Margaret University, through bookable appointments, or via email.

PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme

All students undertaking practical placement activities as an intrinsic part of their course are required to join the PVG Scheme, or have their PVG membership linked to QMU.  Information on applying can be found on the Disclosure Scotland website.  Please note that only those applicants with a current UK address are able to apply.

There are three types of PVG Scheme application available and it is essential that the university submits the correct application for you.  The three types are:

  1. Scheme Record - required for new applicants joining the scheme
  2. Existing Scheme Record - required for existing PVG scheme members applying to work with a new vulnerable group
  3. Scheme Record Update - required for existing PVG members changing employer, or for employers requesting a record update

You must provide three forms of ID* to Queen Margaret University, for the purposes of identity checking, as required by Disclosure Scotland.  At least one of the ID's should be photographic and, across the three, they should confirm your name, date of birth and your current UK address.

*Acceptable forms of ID include (but are not limited to):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • National ID card
  • BRP
  • Driving License (Provisional License is also acceptable)
  • Bank Statement or similar (dated within last three calendar months)
  • Utility Bill (dated within last three calendar months)
  • Lease Agreement

Scanned copies / good quality photographs of original documents will need to be submitted to Queen Margaret University after Induction week, unless otherwise advised.

Countersignatories, acting on behalf of QMU, will create your PVG application form around three months prior to your first placement. An email containing a link to your application form will be sent from Disclosure Scotland to your QMU student email address, and you will have seven days in which to complete the application. After this time, the link will no longer be valid and a new application will need to be generated by us. In order to help with this, a virtual session will be timetabled within that 7 day period to provide allocated time, should you require it, and for staff to be available for any questions you may have about your application.

Documents submitted for PVG ID purposes will only be retained by QMU for use by authorised countersignatories in the event of any queries with your application.  Once the PVG Scheme Membership certificate is issued by Disclosure Scotland, and QMU have received our copy, all documents submitted for this purpose will be deleted in line with Data Protection requirements.  For further information, please see our web page.

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Health Sciences students only

Due to professional requirements, students on Nursing, Allied Health Profession and Healthcare Science qualifying programmes are required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance as a pre-condition of progressing to placement. This is most easily gained through the joining of the appropriate professional body, and information on this will be provided during the induction process into your programme.  Details on anticipated costs can also be found on the specific fees page of our website here.

Health Clearance - For Nursing, Paramedic Science, Audiology and AHP courses only

In preparation for clinical placements we are required, by the Government, to ensure that all students who will have direct clinical contact with patients meet the health clearance requirements. 

Once you have an Unconditional Offer from QMU that you have Firmly Accepted, an email will be sent from Occupational Health (COHORT) containing a web link, a username and a password, for their secure online questionnaire.  This ascertains your fitness for the programme of study and identifies any areas where adjustments may need to be made, such as the Equality Act etc. 

Please note that this is not an automated process and each email has to be generated manually so there may be a delay of some months between you accepting your offer and the email being issued from Cohort.  Remember to check any ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folders you may have.

You should ensure that the questionnaire, and supporting evidence, has been submitted prior to Induction Week.

As a mandatory attachment to your questionnaire you must obtain information, in English, regarding any vaccinations you have had to date.  Please see the examples provided of an Immunisation History report from a GP or an Occupational Health provider.   This is the format they must be provided in.

Please obtain a copy of your immunisations from your GP or Occupational Health service, if you have had access to one other than NHS Lothian.  If you are unable to provide copies of any vaccinations please attach a word document explaining why you are unable to provide this. 

Please be aware that some GPs and/or medical centres may charge for this service and there may be a delay of some weeks in obtaining this information.  Please ensure that you have this evidence before you submit your questionnaire, however, the university does not require sight of the information as it is confidential and should only be shared with Occupational Health.  

No one is forced to undertake immunisations they do not wish to have, however, it may affect where we are able to send people on placement.  Please note that you may be required to have a blood test/Mantoux test if you are unable to provide evidence of having a BCG vaccine. 

All students who are not SAAS funded, Scottish domiciled and on an undergraduate programme, will be required to pay for their immunisations and/or blood tests.  The prices are set by Occupational Health and are available upon request, however, we are unable to advise on your specific requirements in advance of your first appointment.  As a rough guide, the average student may expect to pay around £250 over the duration of their course for Occupational Health purposes.  We do not want students to fall into financial difficulty regarding vaccination costs and we will facilitate helping with payment plans if required. 

All students must attend at least one 'in-person' 30 minute appointment on campus during the first semester. This should be booked via the following link.

If you have any queries regarding any of the information above, please contact Health Clearance.

Uniform and Name Badge - For Nursing, Paramedic Science, Audiology and AHP courses only


All Nursing, Paramedic Science, Audiology and AHP students will be issued with a name badge, charged at £6.  We will take your 'Known as' name from the Student Portal and you can be edit this at any time.  Replacement badges are charged at £7.50 and take around three weeks to be delivered.

Uniform for Nursing and AHP programmes

Information on the NHS guidelines regarding uniforms can be found here. Please note the requirements regarding sleeve length.  Students will be emailed during September with instructions on how to place your order.  Measuring guides have been made available to us from the uniform suppliers.

Please note that the uniforms are unisex so these guides are to help you get the best fit.

Measuring guide for men

Measuring guide for women

Those who require a uniform for placement will be issued with four tunics and four pairs of trousers around 2 weeks before your first placement. All trousers will need to be hemmed as they are made with a long leg!  If you are required to pay for these, or you require an alternate size, tunics are charged at £6.77 each and trousers are £8.52 a pair. 

Registry will invoice students directly for these items at the point of matriculation.  Prices as at August 2020.

PLS Medical, who are not affiliated with QMU, offer a variety of footwear, all suitable for placement.  You are under no obligation to purchase from them, but it may be of interest to see what types of footwear are acceptable.

Paramedic Science students will be issued with the following:



Polo Shirt Queen Margaret Uni Crest & Paramedic Student


Trouser Ambulance


Navy Softshell c/w Paramedic Student Embroidery


Hi Vis Jacket c/w Paramedic Student Print


Green A7A Helmet c/w Student Transfer


Magnum Safety Boot


Debris Glove


Chemical Glove