Arranging to Graduate in Absentia

Potential graduates will be sent an e-mail to their student and personal e-mail addresses on May 1st 2020. If you haven’t received a graduation email then you can find all the necessary information on this site, but you should contact to make sure that you are eligible to graduate.

If you want to graduate but not attend the ceremony (graduate in absentia) please indicate this on the Graduation Reply Form. Your certificate will be sent by recorded delivery to the address provided on the Reply Form approximately one week after the Graduation Ceremony.

The Graduation Reply Form will be available here in May 2020


Data Protection


You can find a statement and guidance on how personal data will be processed for and during the graduation event here:

The names of those graduating in absentia will not be announced at the ceremony but will be included in the published Graduation Programme.

Graduating students, guests and staff should be aware that graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events. Names and awards of graduates (including those graduating in absentia) are published in the graduation programme and local press. Audio and visual images of the ceremony are publicly available through the sale of Graduation DVDs. If you object to publication of your personal data (name and award) in the press you should inform the Assistant Secretary (June Ross at least three weeks before the ceremony. Please note that your name, award and classification must be published in the graduation programme.

Graduation Fee

There is no fee for those graduating in absentia.

Wording on your Certificate

Your certificate will be printed with your FULL NAME as recorded on the Graduation Reply Form. In the event of a change of name being requested, QMU reserves the right to request proof of identity. Please therefore forward copies of any documents which you consider relevant. Changes to names cannot be accepted after your award has been ratified by Senate.

Outstanding Debts

If you have any outstanding debts with the University or any unreturned library books you will not be eligible to attend the Ceremony until the debt has been cleared or the Library books have been returned. Please contact the Finance Department or the LRC if this affects you. All debts/books must be paid/returned at least 21 days before the Ceremony.

Graduation Enquiries

For information or enquiries relating to graduation please get in touch.

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Graduation Enquiries

Graduation Graduation Enquiries
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