QMU Meal Plans


QMU Meal Plans are available to all students at QMU, so those living in QMU halls of residence or private accommodation. Choose from three or five lunches a week depending on your living arrangements and your lifestyle. 

All meals are chosen from 1875 restaurant.  1875 is QMU’s main eatery where all your favourites are served, from full salad & deli bar, soups, baked potatoes and daily hot mains with a wide selection of dietary friendly and vegan options. Our vision is to provide fresh, locally sourced, good food made by our talented teams to the highest possible standard. Menus change daily and are influenced by the seasonality of ingredients to ensure best quality and provide wholesome and balanced meals paired with a little flair and fun!

What’s included?

Lunchtime main meal from any of the 1875 canteen areas and a hot or 500ml soft drink of your choice.

How does it work?

On arrivals week, each student will be able to pick up their new Food Tap card from our 1875 restaurant where we will run through how to use your card. Each card will automatically load your weekly taps, every Sunday evening for the coming week. When you use it, is up to you, but we do suggest using it as it will reset the following Sunday.

What dates does it cover?

Semester 1 Meal Plans runs for 15 weeks (Monday 4th September until Friday 15th December).

How much does it cost?

2023-24 Academic Year
(Price is fixed for the duration of Semester One, so no price increases)

Meal Plans

Semester One
(15 weeks)

How many meal taps per week?

Do I get a drink?
Standard Meal Plan  £250  3 Hot drink or 500ml soft drink of your choice
Premium Meal Plan  £400  5 Hot drink or 500ml soft drink of your choice


The Small Print?

  • Meal taps can only be redeemed within our 1875 Restaurant Monday to Friday.
  • The meals need to be redeemed each week and any unused taps are lost if they are not redeemable.
  • The daily lunch allowance needs to be used daily, you can't claim unused allowances at the end of the week.
  • Each tap can only be redeemed for a meal, soft drink or hot beverage and can’t be exchanged for the cash value.

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Our Catering Team are always on hand to help. Contact QMU Catering Team