"Current QMU PR, Marketing and Events Management student. You'll see me pouring pints at the union, making frappes at Starbucks and eventually walking out of here with my dream job. Don't be a stranger!"

It has also taught me how interdependent all three professions were. No matter how good you are at event planning, an event wouldn’t be successful without good communication and advertisement. I believe a strong understanding of the principles behind all three professions stands you in good stead in any role.

In first year, one of the PR modules included a simulation crisis press conference. It was an exhilarating experience that put our knowledge of reputation management to the test in front of lecturers acting as journalists.

Being able to get on a one-on-one basis with the staff means they can truly support your studies and widen opportunities. They offer you many chances to get involved in things. For example,  I’ve volunteered at different events including a VIP screening of Beauty and the Beast and many conferences.

Certain modules, such as the one focused on Cultural Tourism and Management, have allowed us to have guest lectures from all sorts of industry experts such as the CEO of 20/20 productions, Marketing Edinburgh and the director of the Military Tattoo. These lectures allow you to hear directly from inspiring real people in desirable positions, about how they worked their way up so you can follow suit.


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