When the unexpected happens while you're expecting

Angela Smith

I have to say I certainly never anticipated spending the months before my maternity leave or indeed the second half of my first pregnancy working from home and keeping away from colleagues, friends and family.

It is a worrying time for us all, and I do worry about how the current situation will impact on my wellbeing during pregnancy and as a new mum. However, I am focussing on eating well (last week I moved my new ‘office’ upstairs with less easy access to the biscuit tin!), I am trying to exercise regularly during my lunch break and am making sure that I talk about my fears and anxieties with my family and friends via FaceTime or on the phone. I have also joined a WhatsApp group for pregnant women in Edinburgh and it really helps to know we are all having similar experiences. On the bright side, wearing my cosy slippers to work all day is a definite advantage to our current circumstances!

As I have been recently appointed into my position (after a year of acting up) I have many positive plans for the future direction of HR at QMU, many of which I was keen to progress before starting my maternity leave. I’m still making plans and working with my team to adapt plans to our new working arrangements.

I am certainly missing the positive energy and enthusiasm I get from working with the HR team but we are keeping in touch regularly via Teams for team meetings and sometimes for a cuppa and a quick chat! I now have two new recruits to the HR team, the furry kind! My cats Maisey and Shyla have been making regular appearances on video calls and Maisey finds my notepad a particularly comfortable place to sit, working with pets in the house can be a challenge but I find that with a quick cuddle and some attention they are moving onto their next adventure in no time!

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