Graduates’ Association Update

By Lindesay M C Irvine, President

Despite another strange and challenging year, the Graduates’ Association has continued to thrive.

Annual General Meeting

Last year, we held a Zoom AGM with a good attendance of 15 plus members and many apologies. Carol Brennan, former

Director of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre at QMU, and Claire Seaman, Reader within QMU’s School of Business, were both welcomed to the Committee. We look forward to gaining from their expertise. Claire is also now Membership Secretary as Sylvia Northcott decided it was time to relax a bit after many years in the role. We have had several new members join us in the last year, so please do encourage QMU friends to become part of the Association; it is open to all graduates of

QMU, as well as current and retired staff.

Graduation and the Atholl Crescent Award 2021

The Atholl Crescent Award was offered within QMU’s School of Health Sciences, and we were pleased to award it to Jacob Beckett, a Podiatry student. I was delighted to attend one of the many graduation events held on campus in July, and to meet graduates and staff from all areas of the University. There was sunshine on all three graduation days, and it was marvellous to see so many students with their families being able to celebrate this important milestone in the grounds of the University.

QMU events

I was pleased to lay a wreath of behalf of the Graduates’ Association at the Universities’ Joint Remembrance Day Service on 14th November in Old College, Edinburgh. This was my first official event since being elected President and it was lovely to be part of this small but moving commemorative occasion.

Socialising (during COVID-19)

Since our last QMYou update we have continued with very successful Zoom coffee get-togethers, although these finish in June and restart in October. As many members from other parts of the UK were keen to stay involved, we are now trialling alternate face-face and Zoom meetings. Keep a look out for the email details.

Our first face-to-face social gathering was in Le Bistrot on George IV Bridge in November and it was fabulous to see people again, with some new faces joining us. Once again, we were excited to have our Christmas lunch provided by QMU’s hospitality students. We are planning to try out several venues for coffee over the next few months and are looking forward to our March dinner event. Finally, we are in the process of putting together some social events with suggestions including: Visit to the Japanese Garden in Dollar; Tour of Sculpture Gallery; and Visit to the Queen Charlotte Rooms.

Please send any ideas you may have for future GA social events to me at or Cecilia Young at 



Lindesay Irvine (President)

Claire Seaman (Membership Secretary)

Ian McMillan (Madras Lodge bookings – the GA’s holiday home in Gullane)

Cecilia Young (booking social activities)