Service Deliveries Team Manager - TUI (Touristik Union International)

Johnathan Elmer is Service Deliveries Team Manager for travel company TUI.

He graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2013 with a BA (Hons) Drama and Performance.

What are your most memorable experiences of being a QMU student?

Some of my most memorable moments are the extra-curricular activities in coordination with the QMU Students' Union.

"Having the opportunity to partake in a society was one of the greatest experiences. To this day, I'm still in touch with people I met through those societies."

Another strong memory I have from my time at QMU was the friendly and small community vibe you get there. The campus is not a huge campus so you never get lost in the crowd, you're definitely more than just a number! Knowing everyone on first name basis from the receptionists to security, the librarians to the catering staff was great and made you feel part of the bigger QMU family.

Tell us more about your career path since leaving QMU.

After graduation, I ended up staying on as part of the QMUSU! I did a two-year term as Student Vice-President and had an amazing time trying to enhance and help the student experience.

Following on from that, I worked at a local Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation charity as their Events and Sponsorships Manager.

After my contract with the charity ended, I was at a loss of what to do next.

"I decided to combine my love of travel with those skills I learned from my Drama and Performance course and became a holiday rep! What started off as a summer season role has turned into a fulfilling 6 year career."

Not only have I had the opportunity to work in beautiful destinations such as Cyprus, Cape Verde and Mexico, but to also progress my career working in a variety of different roles. I'm now Service Delivery Team Manager and responsible for a large group of hotels.

Tell us more about what your role as Service Delivery Team Manager at TUI involves?

I'm currently working in Mexico as a Service Delivery Team Manager. We have ambitious targets that cover sales, but most importantly, what TUI is known for, service.

I work with my own team and the senior management hotelier teams across an area that encompasses the Riviera Maya in Mexico, to ensure that we create experiences of a lifetime for our guests.

Alongside this, many opportunities and projects have cropped up, and I'm also working with a small boutique hotel in Mexico as part of the Enpact Tourism Recovery Programme in cooperation with the TUI Care Foundation. I help mentor and train this hospitality business to prepare it for growth;  financially, operationally and increasing its exposure moving forward.

What advice would you give to students and new graduates starting out?

Don't focus too much about getting that great sounding, big senior job right at the start.

"Wait and bide your time for the right opportunity, once you've found something you love doing, it will be easy to develop and hone your skills to become successful at what you do."

I left QMU wanting to direct performances; never in a million years did I think I would be in the Travel and Tourism sector and loving what I do every day.

It really is about keeping your cool - it’s a marathon not a race!

Drama and Performing Arts at QMU ....