QMU Net-Zero Strategy: Data Management

In establishing the decarbonisation pathway for scope 1 and 2 emissions, we have drawn on existing information collated for the Public Sector Climate Change Reporting Duties and as part of the HESA Estates Management Records (EMR). EMR data is also utilised to feed into the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) tool developed by sector bodies AUDE and EAUC. 

As at all stages, the robustness of data is reviewed to determine where further work is required to improve data quality and integrity. 

While protocols may require independent certification of emissions in due course, the focus at the present time enhancement of the robustness of data quality management processes, development and refinement of methodologies along with enhancing internal quality management processes which allow for appropriate assurance of the outputs. 

Where possible, elements are independently validated and verified by consultants or by utilising peer review processes.