BSc (Hons) Midwifery

This programme is delivered by Metropolitan College, at various campuses across Greece. It is validated by Queen Margaret University. Through our rigorous quality assurance procedures we ensure that the programme has the same academic standards as the equivalent award delivered by QMU.

The BSc (Hons) Midwifery aims to develop midwives who meet local and European standards for Midwifery. It aims to promote a woman–centred approach to care which encourages partnership between midwives, women and their families and empowers midwives to effect and sustain change within their professional culture. This programme is suitable for everyone wishing to study midwifery – regardless the previous professional experience - gaining knowledge and skills in this desirable field.

Programme details

Title : BSc (Hons) Midwifery

SCQF Level : 10

Mode of delivery :  face-to-face, full-time

Duration :  4 years

Language of delivery :  Greek


First approved:  June 2018

Most recent approval:  June 2018

External accreditation or recognition: see below


Programme structure


Year 1

Theory and Practice in Midwifery                                                         30 credits

Basic Anatomy and Physiology & Female Reproductive system          20 credits

Professional Issues in Midwifery                                                          20 credits

Intro. to Academic Inquiry & Study Skills                                            20 credits

Communication and Contextual Issues For Childbearing                    20 credits

Communication & Study skills for ESL students in Midwifery 1          10 credits


Year 2

Skills for Midwifery Practice                                                                30 credits

Psychosocial Issues in Female Sexual and Reproductive Health       20 credits

Medicolegal and Ethical Aspects in Midwifery Care                           20 credits

Pharmacology and the Midwife                                                            20 credits

Newborn and Infant in Midwifery                                                        20 credits

Communication & Study skills for ESL students in Midwifery 2         10 credits


Year 3

Complex Childbearing in Clinical Practice                                             30 credits

Emergency Obstetrical and Gynaecological conditions in Midwifery   20 credits

IPE: Delivering Integrated Care                                                             20 credits

Delivering Assisted Conception Care                                                     20 credits

Midwifery in the Community                                                                  20 credits

Communication and Study skills for ESL students in Midwifery 3        10 credits


Year 4

Autonomous Midwifery Practice                                                          40 credits

Dissertation                                                                                          40 credits

Advocacy and Empowerment in Midwifery                                         20 credits

Advanced Topics in Maternal and Newborn Nutrition                        20 credits

Key features

Placements : 


Semester 1

Semester 2


4 weeks

maternity outpatient department (2)

community (2)

9 weeks

maternity outpatient department (3)

antenatal ward (2)

general clinic (pathology-surgical) (2)

labour ward (2)


7 weeks

gynaecological ward (2)

gynaecological theatre (2)

family planning clinic (1)

gynaecological outpatient department (2)

8 weeks

postnatal  ward (3)

labour ward (3)

special care neonatal unit, (2)



7 weeks

maternity u/s department (1)

maternity outpatient department (2)

postnatal  ward (2)

labour ward (2)

8 weeks

high risk pregnancy ward   (2)

maternity outpatient department  (2)

postnatal  ward (2)

labour ward (2)


9 weeks 

assisted reproduction clinic (2)

maternity u/s department (1)

antenatal classes(1)

high risk pregnancy ward(2)

community (1)

labour ward (2)

11  weeks

postnatal  ward  (2)

antenatal ward  (2)

labour ward (4)

special care neonatal unit, (2)

maternity outpatient department (1)


Professional registration :

This programme does not currently lead to professional registration. Metropolitan College and Queen Margaret University are in discussions with the Greek government to clarify the law regarding professional rights for nurses and allow graduates to seek registration.

Admission criteria

Applicants, in order to be considered for admission should have a Greek Secondary School Diploma / ‘Apolyterion of Lykeio’ or equivalent (e.g., International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate, etc.) with a grade 10 or above. This requirement is in line with the Greek government’s minimum standard for access to higher education.

High school leaving certificates issued by vocational Lyceums, such as TEE or EPAL and foreign certificates which are equivalent to the Greek Lyceum certificate (e.g. International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate, etc.) are also accepted.

Non-native Greek speakers, may be admitted to the programme on demonstrating that:

  1. a) They hold a qualification recognised by QMU for admission to undergraduate programmes, as documented in the University Admissions Regulations.
  2. b) They hold a certificate of attainment in Greek at Level D


IVT graduates from the state approved “Nursing-Midwifery” programme are eligible to apply for direct entry to year two of the BSc (Hons) Midwifery.