Transcripts and Student Records

A transcript is a summary of all the modules a student has taken and results achieved. Only the University Secretary has the authority to issue transcripts. After the main exam board(s) of the academic year, staff from the Division of Registry and Academic Administration will produce transcripts for all UK based students and post these to students’ home addresses. Student addresses are taken from the information supplied at matriculation. If any student has changed their address they must update their details through the student portal. For overseas collaborations, transcripts will be sent directly to partner institutions for distribution to students.

Students who have not matriculated will not receive a transcript and cannot be awarded academic credit.

Student Records will send out graduation information to all students who have been recommended for award where appropriate. It is recognised that for overseas partners, graduation ceremonies are normally held in country.

If a student requires a fresh transcript they must apply in writing to Student Records. In certain circumstances a fee may be charged.

For programmes delivered outside the UK the transcript will state the location of study and language of instruction.

A copy of the student’s work plus a copy of the marker’s comments should be retained by the partner institution for 12 months to allow for any possible appeals.


Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

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