At the point of validation, the partner institution will be asked to provide details of the qualifications and experience of the teaching team. The validation panel will consider staff experience as part of the formal approval process. For Short Programmes the responsibility for approving staffing arrangements rests with the School Academic Board.

Over the years there are likely be staff changes. Changes should be notified annually to the Joint Board of Studies. In particular, the Collaborative Academic Lead needs to be sent information regarding any change in Programme Leader.

Partner institutions should have in place effective measures to monitor and assure the proficiency of staff and identify any training needs.

QMU has a responsibility to provide opportunities for staff training to partner institutions. The exact level of training should be discussed when drawing up the Memorandum of Agreement and will be reflected in the price. However, as a minimum, partner institutions can ask for:

  • advice on setting assessments
  • advice on drawing up module descriptors and defining learning outcomes
  • advice on producing programme documents for validation
  • advice on provision of student feedback

Generic learning resources for use in working with partners can be sourced from the staff in Governance and Quality Enhancement on request.

Certificates of attendance can be provided for partner staff who attend development activities. The Facilitator of staff development activities should provide lists of attendees to the Division of Governance and Quality Enhancement who will provide certificates.

More advanced training, such as use of information and communication technology, can be negotiated with the University. Some staff may wish to enrol on our online PgCert in Professional and Higher Education. Usually some level of discount can be negotiated for partners.


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Collaborations and Partnership Development

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