Publicity and Marketing

QMU must approve all marketing and publicity materials which utilise the QMU logo. Such materials might include leaflets, posters, advertisements or information to appear on partners’ websites. The reason for this is to allow the University to check the information is accurate and up to date. Similarly, partner institutions may wish to check materials produced by QMU bearing the name or logo of the partner institution.

Some points to note:

  • Font sizes and colours for references to the University should be consistent with those used on the main partner website
  • The University’s name and logo should not be presented as page heading or in a larger format than that of the partner

The University will make available detailed guidance and will provide logos as needed.

We are happy to promote our partner institutions via our social media accounts. We particularly like to share stories about student and graduate successes. Partners and Academic Leads may contact the QMU Marketing office with suggested stories to promote. Partners may also wish to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

QMU is a member of the Quality Assurance Agency's QE-TNE scheme. This allows QMU's partners to use the QAA Kitemark.

It is a condition of this licence that where the QAA QE-TNE Scheme Kitemark is used by a TNE partner, the partner must specify the collaboration through which they are in receipt of the QE-TNE Scheme Kitemark. The TNE partner should display the following statement below the Kitemark: Committed to quality with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

For more information on the Kitemark and its conditions of use, please contact the Partnerships team.


Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

Sheila Adamson Partnership Development Manager 0131 474 0000