This Manual is aimed at all academic and administrative staff involved in developing and running collaborative programmes. Collaborative programmes are arrangements between QMU and a partner organisation whereby: 

  • Significant portions of teaching, assessment and student support are delegated to the partner organisation; and
  • Students receive an award or academic credit from Queen Margaret University.

This includes collaborative programmes leading to a named degree outcome and short programmes which consist of one or more modules.

The procedures within this Manual represent best practice and conform as far as possible to the QAA Quality Code. These procedures are designed to enable QMU to assure the quality and standards of awards granted in its name and to provide a high quality student experience. A key ingredient is close partnership working between QMU and partner organisations.

The Manual is structured into different sections based on the normal life cycle of a programme. Additional information is signposted in each section. At various points you will find links to the University’s Governance and Regulations for the definitive regulations.

We hope you will find the Manual useful and would welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement. If you would like to provide feedback, please contact Sheila Adamson, Partnership Development Manager.

Not included in this Manual

It is not within the scope of this Manual to advise on articulation or credit rating agreements.

There are various other ways that QMU staff might work with external partner organisations. This might include teaching on a course delivered by a partner, involvement in research projects, or the delivery of a consultancy service. None of these are classed as collaborations for the purposes of this Manual. The Research Grants and Contracts Unit (RGCU) should be approached for advice on such agreements.

Similarly, this Manual does not cover modules that are delivered by QMU for an external commissioning organisation. These are not classed as collaborations as teaching and assessment are not delegated. Again, RGCU should be approached for advice on costing and contracts.



Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

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