Further information and hard copies of this Manual are available from:

Kirsty Wilson, Partnership Development Officer Telephone: 0131 474 0000

Feedback can be submitted electronically to Dawn Martin, Assistant Secretary, Governance and Quality Enhancement or to Sheila Adamson, Partnership Development Manager.


Recommended reading:

Staff engaging in collaborative provision are advised to read the following publications, which are available from the QAA website:

UK Quality Code for Higher Education - Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others

Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others refers specifically to managing partnership arrangements. All collaborative provision is also subject to the full Quality code for higher education in relation to learning, teaching, assessment, student support etc.

Note that the UK Quality Code is currently under review. However, the detailed information and guidance in Chapter B10 remains an important source of information about good practice in the management of collaborative provision.

The QAA regularly conducts audits of overseas provision. The reports can be accessed here: http://www.qaa.ac.uk//en/international/transnational-education-review

Information about joint, double and dual awards: QAA guidance on qualifications involving more than one awarding body(October 2015).

Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

Sheila Adamson Partnership Development Manager
0131 474 0000