Communications Arrangements

For all day to day management issues, it is crucial that there is a named contact person at the partner institution. Depending on the nature of the programme this might be the programme leader, another member of academic staff or an administrator. The named contact at the partner institution will be able to refer queries onwards to the relevant person if he or she is not able to respond. For example, an administrator appointed as named contact would typically pass academic queries to a member of academic staff.

Each partner institution must, as a minimum, have the following two contacts at QMU:

  • Academic issues – a named academic staff member in the host School (the Collaborative Academic Lead)
  • Administrative issues – named Collaborations Administrative Officer in the Academic Administration appointed by the School Manager

All correspondence must be copied to the Collaborative Academic Lead. This will ensure that queries can be handled promptly and effectively. It is essential that the Collaborative Academic Lead and Collaborations Administrative Officer communicate regularly and copy each other into correspondence. This will ensure that both are kept updated of any developments.

No member of QMU staff should make decisions relating to the operation of the programme without consulting the Collaborative Academic Lead and / or Collaborations Administrative Officer.

GQE will keep partners updated regarding key contacts at the University.



Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

Sheila Adamson Partnership Development Manager 0131 474 0000