Central Record Keeping

An up to date register of all approved collaborative arrangements will be maintained by the Division of Governance and Quality Enhancement.

A list of collaborative partners is available in the Partnerships section of this website as part of the University’s public information. Greater detail is available to QMU staff via a shared drive, set up to store information about collaborative partnerships. Any new staff who do not have access to this drive should contact the Academic Administration for permissions. The shared drive includes:

  • List of collaborations
  • Joint Board of Studies minutes and papers
  • Generic staff development resources
  • Handbooks and other information

It is the responsibility of GQE to alert the host Division and partner institution when a programme is due for review, and when the Memorandum of Agreement needs to be reviewed. However, the partner institution and Collaborative Academic Lead should also make themselves aware of upcoming review deadlines.

GQE keeps one copy of the signed Memorandum of Agreement. The other copy is kept by the partner institution.

Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

Sheila Adamson Partnership Development Manager 0131 474 0000