QMU Collaborations Manual

The Collaborations Manual has been designed as a resource for QMU's collaborative partners and for QMU staff who work with partners. It is intended to be an easily accessible source of information about the regulations, policies and procedures governing the organisation and management of collaborative programmes.

Suggestions on the future development of this site are welcome and should be submitted to Sheila Adamson, Partnership Development Manager.

Below you can find our Collaborations Manual and to the right you can find useful links to other areas of interest.


  1. Introduction
  2. General information
  3. Definitions
  4. Selection of Partners
  5. Setting up a Full New Programme
  6. Setting up a New Short Programme
  7. Communication Arrangements
  8. Starting Out
  9. Admissions
  10. Matriculation and Induction
  11. Access to IT Accounts and Electronic Resources
  12. Technology-enhanced Learning
  13. Recognition of Prior Learning
  14. Assessment
  15. External Examiners
  16. Boards of Examiners
  17. Transcripts and Student Records
  18. Student Support
  19. Joint Boards of Studies and Committees
  20. Essential Ongoing Quality Assurance
  21. Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  22. Programme Review
  23. Staffing
  24. Publicity and Marketing
  25. Financial Arrangements
  26. Central Record Keeping
  27. Freedom of Information and Data Protection
  28. Further Information and Recommended Reading

Key contacts

Academic Administration (student records, matriculation, exam boards, transcripts) - collaborations@qmu.ac.uk

Governance & Quality Enhancement (annual monitoring, external examining, regulations, changes to modules, joint boards of studies, contracts) - partnerships@qmu.ac.uk

Hub support - hub@qmu.ac.uk

Lapsed staff password - assist@qmu.ac.uk

Library help - LRCHelp@qmu.ac.uk




Collaborations and Partnership Development

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Collaborations and Partnership Development

Sheila Adamson Partnership Development Manager 0131 474 0000