East Asia Institute of Management

QMU and the East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) have been in partnership since 2003.

EASB delivers the following QMU programmes at its campus in Singapore:

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East Asia Institute of Management, Ah Hood Road, Singapore


see www.easb.edu.sg


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About EASB

EASB had its genesis in 1984 as Informatics Software providing professional and vocational training in information technology. The company was restructured in 2001 to offer academic degree programmes and renamed East Asia School of Business (where its logo "EASB" was derived). Even after it was upgraded into East Asia Institute of Management it kept "EASB" as its logo. 

Over the years, EASB continues to grow from strength to strength. Today, we are one of the leading Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across major disciplines. With the inception of the Council for Private Education under the Private Education Act in December 2009, EASB was among the first batch of few PEIs to be awarded the inaugural 4-year Edutrust certification.  It had successfully renewed both the ERF and EduTrust Certificationin 2014 and more recently in May 2018.

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