Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences

School of Health Sciences

I was appointed to the School of Health Sciences in 2009 as Reader and I am an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. My contributions to research in exercise physiology, neuromechanics and clinical rehabilitation have been recognised internationally. My research has contributed to knowledge on the relationship between neuromechanical, musculoskeletal and sensorimotor performance capabilities, exercise stress and impaired function. I have supervised 9 PhDs to completion, supervise 5 PhDs currently, and have externally examined 6 others in areas that focus on the optimisation of clinical rehabilitation conditioning following surgery and chronic illness.

Potential areas for PhD supervision

  • Evaluating the efficacy of neuromechanical, musculoskeletal and physiological models for stabilising joint systems under exercise stress;
  • Aetiologies of synovial joint injury;
  • Sub-optimal patterning of physical conditioning during rehabilitation.

Publications for Nigel Gleeson