General Technician

Division: School Of Health Sciences

As a technician for the School of Health Sciences, I provide support to the Physiology, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Nursing and Food Science classes.

My role at QMU involves the following duties:

Demonstration of specialist equipment in laboratory sessions; in the Nursing classes this would include the Vicorder for determining Pulse Wave velocity, ECG, Blood Pressure measurement, TENS machines for stimulating motor neurons and Blood glucose monitoring. Supporting Microbiology laboratory sessions by preparation of various growth media and incubation chambers whilst maintaining diligent aseptic technique.

The Chemistry labs utilize analytical instruments such as the HPLC and Spectrophotometer that require absolute precision and careful handling in order to produce reliable results. It is my experience with these methods and general lab maintenance that helps support the student’s learning development in practical sessions here at QMU. 

Ensuring that teaching rooms are fully stocked with consumables such as antiseptics, gloves, pipettes, sharps bins as well as all the relevant safety information needed will allow classes to run as efficiently as possible.

I also ensure that potentially hazardous clinical waste and used surgical kits are safely removed from rooms and liaise with outside agencies to ensure their appropriate disposal.

I have worked as a technician since graduating with my BSc Bioscience degree in 2014. The first few years were spent assisting secondary school classes with Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes.

This broadened my range of skills to encompass working with radioactive sources, corrosive solutions and organs for dissection in their relevant contexts.

From there I went to work as a Research Technician at the University of Nottingham, where I supported PhD students’ experiments and contributed to research papers on wheat photosynthesis. I was responsible for ordering relevant equipment, maintaining and repairing Infrared Gas Analyzers and collecting data to be published in a number of experiments.

I have completed courses in

  • Food Safety and hygiene.
  • Gas cylinder handling.
  • First aid at work.
  • Lab technician training.
  • liquid nitrogen handling.
  • COSHH training.