Chemistry Technician

Division: School of Health Sciences

Tel: 0131 474 0000

Mr. Ross Walker (BSc, MSc) is a Chemistry Technician in the School of Health Sciences Division.

Provides chemistry related technical support to teaching staff and students undertaking practical classes, honours projects and postgraduate studies in conjunction with module leaders and other academic and support staff. Knowledgeable and capable in a wide range of chemistry methods, including anti-oxidant, total phenolics analysis assays in various matrixes, UV spectrometry and use of ICP-MS and HPLC plus a variety more basic and wet chemistry methods. Demonstrates the use of equipment and carrying out of experiments including the health and safety aspects, the data analysis and when appropriate the theory behind the practical work and its relevance in their course and wider industry. Responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the equipment, looking after the Chemistry laboratory and updating the stock of necessary consumable materials. Prepares and reviews SOPs, works with academics to review undergraduate lab instructions and provides assistance to the development of new non routine practical work for honours projects and postgraduate work. Maintains Risk Assessments, COSHH forms and MSDS register to help to provide as safe a working environment as possible. Works are part of the technical support team answering and dealing with more general queries, room maintenance and equipment provision for staff and students students and staff in areas like podiatry, art and physiotherapy.