Senior Technician Physiology and Visiting Lecturer School of Health Sciences

Division: School Of Health Sciences

Tel: 0131 474 0000

Andrew Grainger (BSc, MSc) is a Senior Technician Physiology and Visiting Lecturer in the School Of Health Sciences.

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As Senior Physiology Technician, I provide specialist technical support to academic staff and students undertaking practical sessions including demonstrating and instruction on specific specialised Physiological (medical) instrumentation. Also advising and instructing post graduate(MSc & PhD) and undergraduate students on suitable research methodology alongside the operation of specialist equipment, O2 gas analysis, EMG, ECG, 3D Motion Analysis, in supporting student dissertation data collection.

Contribute to the delivery of academic activities by providing advice, assistance and supervision to students and assisting academic staff in research. This includes supervision of students during data collection process and providing methodological support and advice on how to analyse or contextualize the data. Also provide input in to the content of the Physiology laboratory sessions in the School of Health Sciences.

The nature of my role as a visiting/associate lecturer at QMU has evolved over the years, with my initial remit being provision and assessment of Physiology and Exercise Physiology mainly for the Department of Physiotherapy as well as other areas of the Health Care Professions. The responsibilities associated with my role developed as I developed, with input into the Masters level, Applied Exercise Science module and Undergraduate Investigation of Human Performance (IHP) and Research Methods modules, of which I was given sole responsibility as module co-ordinator. This encompassed the development, delivery and dissemination of teaching materials for lectures, tutorials and practical/laboratory sessions, along with the production and marking of assessments(course work, examinations, dissertations and presentations). This experience cumulated in me being given the opportunity to supervise and assess dissertations at both BSc and Masters level, for experimental as well as systematic review projects. I have supervised a number of varied projects in my 10 years as a dissertation supervisor and feel my experience has allowed me to develop a good working relationship with both home and overseas students.

 In my most previous role in QMU as Research Assistant, I gained a wealth of experience relating to the research process, including successful submission of IRAS, establishing external working links with Education, NHS and NHS Health Scotland.

Current research focus is on the evaluation of physical activity. I worked as research assistant and sole researcher on an NHS Health Scotland funded project titled : Evaluation of the effectiveness of play@home, using accelerometry  to evaluate the physical activity of pre-school children.

As a dissertation supervisor I have also used accelerometry to evaluate the activity patterns of academic staff and student and compare this with national health guidelines, and to investigate the effectiveness of different interventions to reduce sedentary time.

Research Grants & Contracts Funding:

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the play@home. funded project where I worked as research assistant.