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We are working to produce the 2020/2021 Academic Timetable, however this process has been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The University as a whole is working very hard to re-open the campus whilst prioritising the safety of all students and staff. The current plan is to have student timetables available for Semester 1 in mid-August. As we are sure you are aware the situation is unpredictable and constantly changing and we will continue to keep this page updated whenever we have any new information in relation to the timetable. For more COVID-19 information related Queen Margaret University in general, click here.  


Student Personalised Timetables

Personalised student timetables are available via both the myQMU app and the Student portal. The myQMU app is available for iOS and AndroidGuidance on downloading, installing and making use of myQMU can be found here.

The Student Portal also provides a great way to access personalised timetable information. It is accessible via any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.  Simply click the 'QMU Portal’ link in the top menu bar on any page of the QMU website. Information on the QMU student portal, including a guide on using it in general, can be found here.

Timetable information on both the myQMU app and student portal automatically updates when any changes to timetables are made.

If you're having problems viewing your 2019/20 Timetable, please try the following steps:

1. If you are using the myQMU app and are seeing incorrect information this may be as a result of using an old version of the app. We recommend completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app which should resolve these issues. For more details on how to do this click here.

2. If issues persist you can attempt to clear your cookies and temporary files on your phone.

3. Attempt accessing your personalised timetable feed it by logging into the Student Portal on a PC/Laptop/Thin-client terminal rather than your telephone. 


Staff Personalised timetables

Staff timetables are automatically updated directly into staff Outlook calendars.  Staff will only see timetabled events which they are assigned to. Timetable information (including room changes) is updated automatically within 4 hours of the change being made in the timetabling system.

Full details on staff personalised timetables can be found here (you can only access this link from within the QMU staff network).  

Timetable Changes

During the course of the year it may be necessary for changes to be made to your timetable, classes may be cancelled or rescheduled, or additional sessions added. Because of this, it is important to check your timetable regularly for any updates; in the case of urgent alterations to your timetable for that day, you’ll also be sent an email to your QMU email address.

Requesting Changes to Timetable Slots/Sessions.

Requests to change teaching sessions for valid reasons such as work, childcare or caring commitments or difficulty travelling to or from campus at certain times were only permitted up until 10th January 2020. As this date has now passed it is no longer possible to request changes to timetable slots.

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables are generated a few weeks prior to each exam session.

Published Timetables.

Timetables for courses (groups) and modules can be accessed using the following links. 

Please note the Semester 1 timetable view will no longer be published as Semester 1 has now finished. 


Semester 2
Limited to events that run in weeks 20 to 52, inclusive.

Room Bookings

Both staff and Students can book rooms on campus via the university’s room booking system. Rooms can only be booked for the current academic year.

Staff and Students can access it here.  A user guide on how to use the room booking system can be found here. It is available from any desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection. The room booking system will work on a mobile device or tablet, however it is not designed to be used on touch screen devices and therefore, this is not recommended or supported. If further advice or assistance is required please contact the room bookings team

You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of the booking request being made.  All bookings are not confirmed until this confirmation email has been received.

Please note that all Bookings in teaching spaces must begin and end at 15 minutes past the hour.  All room bookings made in teaching space are subject to change if the room is required for formal teaching purposes. 


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