Business Management

Business is one of the cornerstones of society. Developing and managing responsible business and enterprise is key to resilient economic and social development. Recent economic turmoil has emphasised the need for sustainable business ie. businesses that are sustainable in financial, social, community and environmental terms.

Why QMU?

QMU offers two routes to a degree in business management: the traditional four year Scottish model and an accelerated three year fast-track option for suitably qualified and motivated students.

Our degrees cover the critical business management functions of strategy, marketing, human resources, management and operations management. However, at QMU students will find a particular emphasis placed on sustainability in business and entrepreneurship.

Our students are well prepared to enter a career in an existing organisation, but this course also encourages entrepreneurial behaviour. This is developed in taught classes and through interaction with the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) and other organisations. Students have the opportunity to apply for internships through the SIE, and also for a wide variety of placements within third sector organisations. The Employability Centre, which operates on campus and liaises with key sectors and industries where our graduates work, helps to foster a culture where students link their experience of the workplace to their studies.
Business plans drawn up by students in Year Three include topics as diverse as motor-cycle funerals, businesses based around virtual golf or kick-boxing as a leisure activity, and specialist food retailers, alongside the tried and tested formats of cafes, shops and home based businesses.

Our approach to learning and teaching

Teaching and learning on the Business Management degree is varied. Students will participate in traditional lectures, but they will also have the opportunity to participate in group work, go on field trips, experience the workplace and benefit from lectures from guest speakers. Our courses require you to study a number of core subjects, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to work across a number of important business areas. Our staff have a broad range of expertise in business and the public sector which allows us to include relevant and current experience within classroom teaching, and to invite into the classroom a wide variety of external speakers.


Many of our staff are actively engaged in research and in consultancy work with business, industry and the third and public sectors. Such engagement is key to the relevance of our courses, and helps equip staff and students with the background to make intelligent decisions about their future. The international dimension to our work is vital: working on major projects with collaborative partners overseas brings the international perspective to our research, but also feeds directly into learning and teaching.

Our interests in family business, smaller and social enterprises, and public sector management, offer students access to distinct specialisms which contrast with wider areas of interest such as human resource management, marketing and business strategy.

As you reach the later stages of undergraduate study there are opportunities to develop individual pieces of research through the dissertation, and those students who choose further study at master's or doctoral level are able to develop these interests further. There are a variety of organisations with whom active research is carried out at QMU; staff research collaborations include research with international and local businesses, third sector organisations and family businesses in a variety of sectors, with campaign groups such as ‘Business Fights Poverty’, and with a variety of universities overseas.

Career prospects

Career prospects for our Business Management graduates are many and varied. Our graduates have gone on to a variety of successful careers, working across the major business sectors in the UK and worldwide. Recent examples include a graduate working as a ‘change manager’ for a major Scottish bank, one who joined the John Lewis management training programme, another who works with the British Council in India, and one with Stratstone (BMW) on Tyneside. Web traffic is another area where graduates have developed careers working with new and existing web-based businesses.

Entry onto graduate training programmes for major employers has been the preferred route for some, and a small number each year go on to teach either in schools or in the further education sector. For some, starting their own business is the ideal option and graduates have developed businesses in areas as diverse as extreme sports retailing, American real estate, cake making, industrial car-washing, a marketing agency and market research.

Some students decide to undertake further academic study, perhaps at QMU on one of our MSc International Management and Leadership options, to enhance their business career or as a prelude to doctoral research.

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